X-Culture: Learning to be a Team Leader

Guest Blog: Keshakumari Patel

I am a student of Business Administration; I got a chance to work on X- Culture project in my International Business class. Virtual project that involved people around the world, and in my team, I had seven people from different colleges around the world. However, I was bit nervous in the beginning about this project, but it went well after each passing day.

We worked 3 month together to make best report for Trasluz casual wear, located in Spain, who wanted to expand their business in other country. My team first contact with each other through E- Mail, but then we made Facebook group, where we discussed in a group about our project.

We divided work for each team member according to demand in X- Culture student guide so that only one or two people do not have workload. However, by the end of the project two of my team member did not reply to our messages; therefore, me and other team member from U.K. did their work. Each one in my team was responsible for research and writing of their parts of the report, but we all discuss ideas with each other to get best out of them.

Over all, it was a great experience; I learned how to be a good team leader, and how to assign work that makes other teammate comfortable. I would like to do this kind of project in future.

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