X-Culture: Mission Accomplished

Guest Blogger: Daniela Martinez, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

I must say that it is a relief that we have finished out X-Culture Project! We worked hard and put in maximum effort into the final report. Six out of the seven teammates in my group, counting myself, discussed, researched, and typed like it was the end of times.


I was assigned to do one one section of the report, proofreading and submitting all of it. I must say that I thought that it would be easier to proofread but it was not. Proofreading 5 people’s work and making it sound congruent is a quite challenging. You need to not only check their grammar but make sure that we are all on the same topic and that we are using the same wording. Checking the grammar was very time consuming since not all of us speak English as out first language.


Overall, I consider that out group did a great job. We did an amazing job doing research and not just writing repetitive sentences to fill in the paper. The final draft was submitted last week just within minutes of the deadline. About 6 professors will be grading our business proposals and the score will be averaged between those scores. Now we are all just waiting in suspense for a couple of weeks to pass by and be given our scores to know how we did.


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