X-Culture: More Emphasis on Personal Connections

Guest Blogger: Paige Redmon, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

As the semester is winding down I am so relieved that our report is turned in and of quality. Every member of my group seemed to enjoy the experience, only because it was not as much of a headache as they had anticipated. I think that the report that we created was very interesting and did a good job meeting the requirements. I believe our product, which is a walk in clinic in South Africa would be successful in conjunction with Tesco’s store expanding. I was very happy with the work ethics and ability of my team members, there were only a few small issues with English that presented a problem, but otherwise we were able to work quickly through the project. As much as we “worked” together, aka delegated and then checked work, it is interesting how everyone finished the project and is just done with any communication. I would have liked a fun little get to know your group assignment since they were not very interested in doing that when we had work to do, the most that any of us know about one another is limited to what is posted on Facebook, which is not very much for any of us. I’m not sure I learned anything I did not already know from this project, or that this will even be a standout project when I look back on my college years, making it more about the people rather than the final product would make X-Culture much more beneficial.

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