X-Culture: More Projects Likes This

Guest Blogger:  Abdulrahman Aljama, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Hey Folks, so here is something interesting going on my X-culture project. Moving forward from where I left off about selecting the company which was an Indonesian media company Gramedia. We selected to develop a forum app, through which people can interact on a variety of issues. We selected India to be the place where we see the forum app to make a huge impact and a revenue generator for Gramedia. India’s telecommunication scene is exploding with opportunities and we felt that this is the right moment that Gramedia should enter the Indian market. The team had a Skype call and soon the tasks and responsibilities were delegated. I got to work on some interesting portions of the paper. I contributed on the topics of Basic characteristics, the political and legal environment and the entry mode, in the paper. Here I happen to study and present facts such as to how the conditions were favorable for the forum app to be introduced in India. Everybody coordinated well in the team, though we did suffer some hiccups from our team member in Ghana. Eventually the team worked hard, and we met the set deadlines in the project. The paper was successfully presented on 18th March, and we are now just awaiting the results.

This was my first experience in a international virtual team, where my team members were from 3 different countries namely, Barbados, Germany and Ghana. What made it unique is that we actually got to speak to each other, and it was actually very interesting. The best part I learnt here is how to work in cross-cultural teams across different time zones and this is a very interesting thing. I feel we should have more projects like this to make my study in my major more interesting. In fact other majors in our school should also co-ordinate and organize projects in their area of coursework.


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