X-Culture: Overall, a Very Good Experience

Guest Blogger: Kara Dickinson, Nathan M, Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech

X- Culture was a very good experience. I enjoyed getting to work with people from other countries, as well as getting to know them. It was a challenge at times to get responses from team members and working with the time differences. But it is a good way to get different work ethics together in one group and work on a project together. We split into two groups and then distributed work between them and got the work done that way. At the end we put it all together and edited the wording and sentence issues and turned it into turnitin.com. We then went back through it to edit the plagiarized parts but there was only around 13% so not much was copied.

So overall our group worked well together and got everything done, I was very pleased how we accomplished the paper as a group. We have emailed back and forth a few times after the project was finished to see how each other was doing and what was going on but that is about it.


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