X-Culture: Overall Its Been a Great Opportunity

Guest Blogger: Jessica Mellinger. Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Going into the final few days before the final draft is due has been an interesting time for my group. Since the initial emails were sent out a few people have stepped up and others have stepped back. It has basically been me and one other group member taking on the leadership role, which is fine, with two other members helping, and one person hard to get in touch with due to lack on responses to our communication outreaches. While we have found communication hard in our group, I am happy to respond that we were able to get everyone parts together on time and able to submit with out problems on time.

While we initially thought we had no problems it turned out that one person had copied and pasted his parts off the internet and it turned up on turnitin.com resulting in an ok rating overall with plagiarism in comparison to other papers. The good part about this was that we were able to talk to the group member and find out he just hadn’t had time to properly cite his parts and, with a few days till the final draft due, was able to correct all mistakes and update his references.

Going into the final few days before the final all we have left is the executive summary and table of contents. I am fairly certain we will have no problem turning in our final paper on time, and am confident we will get a good deserved grade on it. It was really interesting getting to work with people from around the world, seeing as how it could possibly be something I encounter in the future. Overall it’s been a great opportunity and I look forward to seeing our final product.


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