X-Culture: Overcoming the Global Challenge

Guest Blogger: Nicolas Clerc, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The entire experience with the X-Culture project not only taught me how to become a leader but also how to better communicate and relate to others of different cultures. Overall, I believe that the X-Culture project was a beneficial and rewarding process for all those involved. That being said however, with every project, there is bound to be a few issues that arise, especially when working in a group of individuals with different backgrounds and different work ethic. Our different locations proved to create some minor setbacks amongst our team, as we were only able to communicate through means of technology (e.g., whatsapp, facebook, skype, etc). As a group, we were able to push through these obstacles together, set aside our differences, and find a common ground. In doing so, we grew into an even better team than ever before. At the start of the project, however, I am the first to admit that I was extremely nervous about creating such a big project that counted for a huge portion of our grade—even more so that I had to work with a group of people that I was not able to meet with in person. It was my responsibility for submitting the final paper to our instructor, so all of my teammates sent me their portions of the paper to edit. After reviewing and correcting each of their sections, I gathered all the sections together and formatted it into one final paper for submission into Turnitin.com. Our paper only received a 2% plagiarism score, meaning that our paper was almost 100% original. In the end, my teammates proved me wrong, as we were all able to come together and equally contribute to the final project as a whole. I would enjoy doing this project again, it was a lot of work but it was great meeting other people from different cultures. I really enjoyed it!

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