X-Culture: Practical Business Strategies

Guest blogger Randy Stockman, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Now that the x-culture project is over, I am able to look back and reflect on my experiences over the past couple of months. I am very proud of my team for overcoming any and all issues that we encountered and I think that we all learned more about different cultures and how to act professionally working with a global virtual team. I think that our team was able to effectively handle any communication problems quickly and come to an understanding without getting angry or assigning blame.

I am also proud of the project that we turned in. We established deadlines early on and consistently stuck to schedule. We were able to make revisions in a timely manner and all contributed to the project. As with any team, there were some members that were more invested in the project, but all team members were a pleasure to work with.

I think that the x-culture project is a great experience for all students and I am happy that all undergraduate business students will have the opportunity to learn to practically apply their classroom knowledge in the real world.

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