X-Culture: Problem-solving Skills

Guest Blogger: Ebtehal Rabouy, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

My name is Ebtehal Rabouy and I am taking the International business course. For that I am working in the X-culture project. I like the idea of the X-culture because it allows you to meet new people and work with them without physically interact with them. By doing this that will help improve the communication and problem solving skills. Also, working with team members that have different time zone can be challenging. The different time change will make each member try his / her to finish their part of the project before the deadline because failure to do that will affect the other team members.

One of the things that make the X-culture an interesting project is the different members that have different cultures. My team’s members are form England, Ghana, Colombia, and Barbados. From the first day of the project we start communicating through our e-mails. Them we established a way to communicate every week through Skype. We have decided to do our research for a company called Gramedia (it is a media company in Indonesia). We have decided to do a digital media service.

I feel that this project will be interesting and I think me and my team member will be able to come with a product and help the company to expand.


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