X-Culture: Procrastination is Universal

Guest Blogger: Matthew Devitto, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Overall I think the X-culture project was a good experience. I learned a lot about working with a virtual team and I know I gained valuable experience. The biggest thing that I learned was that procrastination is universal!


Some pros were learning how to manage a team, learning how to deal with different writing styles, and getting a better sense of how different cultures learn and speak.


Some cons were that it was difficult to motivate people to do work, some people didn’t do their fair share of work so I had to pick up the slack a couple times, and the only way we communicated was through email.

The main thing that I would do differently is make set times for people to meet as well as enforce dates for when work should be do, instead of having everybody turn in their parts one hour before everything was due. Also I would have liked to have done video chats and have better, more open discussions about what we wanted to accomplish.


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