X-Culture Project: A New Appreciation

Guest Blogger: Robert Schmidt

Robert Schmidt

This X Culture experience has really opened up my eyes about different cultures and languages. I now know how everyone does not have the same education and it is not always easy to work with people from around the world. This was a valuable experience to me as now I will take these learned lessons and apply them to my new career if ever I must deal with people of different nationalities. It is possible to work in unison, you just need to make sure as a team you set the goals up front so everyone is on the same page.

Guest Blogger: Kalle Mansson

Kalle Mansson, International Business major

The X culture project is now finished after 1 month of hard work and cultural misunderstandings. My teams’ business proposal was for McDonalds to launch a veggie burger into the South Korean market. My team consisted of 6 members from 6 different cultures. It was a challenging task, however I think we have all learned a lot from it. Personally, I believe it has given me a great preparation for a possible career in the global work place. Now time for graduation!

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