X-Culture Project: A Welcomed Change of Pace

I am Joseph Kozlowski, and I am currently on week 3 of the X-Culture project. When I was first told about the project, I was very anxious. I grew up in a military family, and we traveled to other countries often. Communicating with a person from another corner of the world is a very enlightening experience, and I have learned much as the project has come along. The team I am working for has chosen McDonalds introducing a product line of genuinely healthy food. The most exciting part of this project so far is everyone’s view on McDonalds, as well as their preconceptions about each other. We have a few members not contributing, however this is something I would have to deal with in the real world; it’s just part of the experience. Everyone else has been actively working on the project and we have decided to work on this project as a committee with no real leader. We all know what needs to be done and will be finished in time.

Joseph Kozlowski

There was a communication mishap, but as a group we were able to get the problem solved quickly. A person in the group does not speak English but tools like Google translate allow everyone to more-or-less grasp what he is talking about. Before submission, the project will be criticized by the whole group and parts will be rewritten if necessary. Overall this project was not as scary as I initially thought, but definitely this is a change of pace in my education, and I am thankful for it


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