X-Culture Project: Adversity

Guest Blogger: Bill Watkins

How a person deals with adversity is what defines a person’s character, and this X-Culture project and the month of April packed much adversity for me. The month of April started off for me rough to say the least. My fiancée of year left my side, and I lost one of my best friends. Heartbroken and dealing with the loss of a best friend almost made me give up hope and cancel the semester, but with some encouraging advice from my professors, I managed to stay in the game and finish this thing out. The project itself went along almost without a hitch. I had to appoint a new leader of the group (Carolyne) whom took the ball and ran with it. Without her, it is my belief that the group would have imploded on itself, but she held us together. Our end result was a finished paper for a well thought out product that McDonald’s could use in India. The most important part of the lesson though was not the product or the paper. It was working with a group internationally, much in the same way it happens in real life. The greatest thing we gain from the project is a friendship of six people that will surely last for years to come.

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