X-Culture Project: An Experience to Remember

Hey everybody my name is Debbie-Ann Shaw and I’m currently a senior business & marketing student at Florida Tech.

So, our professor told us one day that we have this project. I was thinking, “Ok, here we go this should be a piece of cake.”

Man, was I wrong.

Not only did we have to write a 20 page business proposal about a new product/service of existing, but we also had to work with 6 other students that barely spoke any English. Wow, right? This is crazy, right? But, he was serious and he wants us to do our best.

I remember Mr. Muth saying in class that day, “I don’t really care about how good the project or paper comes out, what I really want you all to learn is teamwork and remember and enjoy the experience of being a part of a virtual global team.”

Since that day, I met with my other 6 partners and I decided to become the leader and took charge. Our team number is 54, we even have a facebook group page (Check it out here http://on.fb.me/IhoY5e).

We talk to each other about the project, questions, and learn more about each other. My team includes:

Debbie-Ann Shaw

Me (Debbie-Ann Shaw)







Anjali Prasad

Anjali Prasad (India)







Monkia Cermakova

Monkia Cermakova (Slovakia)







Ho Hui Lee

Ho Hui Lee (Korea),






Merve Inan

Merve Inan (Turkey)







And, Danny from New Jersey.

We all come from different backgrounds, but we worked hard on this project day and night. I mean one time I was on facebook at 11pm and Monika was online and we were talking and she said that its 5am where she lives.

I truly enjoyed my group and I know that many of my other classmates (here in US) didn’t have the best experiences with people being lazy, not responding to emails. not being on time, etc. I was glad to have a hard working team to finish this project.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot we decided to choose Google and one of their many companies, YouTube. I love Youtube and have several channels on this site and convinced my team that this was the best service and company for the project. And surprisingly, they all agreed. So, our service is Groupit! by YouTube. GroupIt! is a service that groups together similar related videos and information for users & businesses use. Users are able to log in to YouTube and they have the option to group their existing subscriptions to youtube channels into one group that have a similar theme e.g. beauty and fashion or home repairs or comedy.

Even though I will be finishing my degree in the summer 2012 from Florida Tech, I will always remember the late night studying, writing papers until 1 am to make the deadline, and this X-Culture project from Mr. Muth’s class.

My hope is that they continue to have the X-Culture as a part of other classes as well to help other non-business & business major to experience what it truly means to live in such a global world.

Until next time,

Debbie-Ann Shaw


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