X-Culture Project: An Extremely Cool Project

Hi, my name is Jeremy Heaton. I am an Information Systems major graduating in May of this year. Today I want to talk about a project in one of my courses that is very different from most projects. This project is called the “X-Culture” project. What it does is connect students around the world to work on an assignment. We have to chose a company and a new product to launch in a market. What makes this so interesting is that we are working with people from many different cultures, time zones and origins. This presents many challenges along the way because of communication differences.

However, throughout all of the challenges we must overcome, this is an extremely cool project to be on. We are getting hands on experience with working with different nationalities and in the current world, this kind of work is dominate throughout organizations. With all of this in mind, I am glad to say that my group has over come these challenges and we have gained knowledge and experience that we will hopefully be using in the near future.


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