X-Culture Project: Coming Together as a Team

Guest Blogger: John Vetter

After a few weeks of no response from one of our group members, we finally received an email from them. My group was finally firing on all cylinders and we came together; after four good ideas were purposed, we as a group decided that we would chose Aldi as our company. The purpose of our business proposal was to farm in Poland and ship low cost organic fruits and vegetables across various places in Europe. We as a team decided that all of us would have our final pieces of our project in by the 20th of April in a Google document. When the date approached one of our members dropped off the face of the earth. The team came together and completed this members part of the project. As soon as the part was finished, this person showed up and started to explain why they had not done their part. Never less the group came together in a quick manor and completed the project.

Over all the x- culture project was a good learning experience for me. Learning you can not always trust someone who seems very active in the project because they might just one day drop off and return once all the work is done. For my group personally there was not a large language barrier nor culture differences that ever effected the completion of our project.


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