X-Culture Project: Communication is Key

Guest Blogger: Kathryn Kingfield

Well the project is finally over and what an experience it has been. It has been crazy at times but at the end of the day it was what I expected; people participated and other people didn’t, it happens all the time. As much as I complained about this project to just about everyone I’m glad I did it. It was fun working with people from different countries and backgrounds and learning how they work. I learned that trying to make a decision over the computer is impossible because someone will always have a different idea. Communication was the most important key in this project and for the most part we conquered it. We used a Facebook group page which helped a lot for everyone to voice any opinions or problems they had during the project. Some people responded quickly and others didn’t but it still worked. While doing the project we didn’t really assign sections to one another because we all had so many ideas. Instead we created a document through Google Docs that showed everyone’s ideas and thoughts in each section and then decided which section fit us best. This was a good guideline for people who may not have understood a section but with ideas n thoughts from other team members it gave them something to go off of. Overall I think our proposal is on point and my team members did a great job, well the ones who participated. I’ve learned a lot about teamwork, responsibility, and leadership and it was an interesting opportunity to be apart of. However, I probably would not want to participate in a project like this again unless we all can physically be in the same room at the same time. Kathryn Kingfield

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