X-Culture Project: Connecting with Group Members

Guest Blogger: Nicholas Robinson, Business Administration 

After successfully completing the quiz and pre-project survey, I was allocated team members for the X-Culture project. Including me, we have a total of 6 students varying from across world, including India, Turkey, Korea, and as well three students from the US.

I initiated communication last week and sent out a group email to confirm everyone had the right contact information. Since then we have been able to add each other through Facebook as other means of communication. I am lucky to have 3 members from the United States in my group, which will help make our assignment slightly more effective and efficient. However, for the international members we face some challenges including language barriers and the difference in time zones. With the prompt response from the members of my team, I believe we will be successful in our project and while there are a variety of challenges, I am confident we can overcome them.


So far the process has been fairly easy. All responses from the international members have shown a fluent English foundation. Everyone seems very interested and looking forward to working on this project. I have completed all the necessary requirements to begin our project and I believe beginning next week we can successfully start with the decision of our product and business proposal. Over the last few days one of my team members has set up a Facebook group this way we can leave any relevant information regarding the project here. Everyone has said they access Facebook on more than 2 occasions a day, which is probably going to be our best form of communication.

Overall I am looking forward to next week and contributing the best I can to the project. It will be a new experience and something I can learn off and take into account when working in an international environment for the future.


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