X-Culture Project: From Around the Globe



Anthony Romano, Information Systems major

I’m Anthony Romano and I am a Information Systems major.


It has been a cooperative start to our project while working with many cultures from around the globe. My team consists of members from South Korea, Turkey, Columbia, Spain, and our neighbors up in New Jersey. All of our group members can speak and type in English. The time zone restraints have led us to manage the few gaps of time we all can share together to collaborate ideas. Our team uses the power of social media to our advantage. Our Facebook group is our team’s main collaboration tool to helps us organize and communicate the thoughts and ideas within the group. Google documents is an amazing tool for writing papers stored on the cloud which can be edited in real time by all members of the team at once. Google calendar even has a feature which allows our team to schedule meeting across time zone differences.

The company we selected is Samsung which is a South Korean Company. Our group member Donki Ahn from South Korea has the advantage by knowing someone who currently works for Samsung. The input we gather from first hand sources like this really supports the research of our company. With avid group member participation and the use of internet tools, I can see the successful turnout of our project.


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