X-Culture Project: Gaining Perspective

Mert Sells

Guest Blogger: Mert Sells

At the beginning of this project, I was unsure what to expect, not only from my teammates but the culture differences, communication, and also time zones. Although communication at times proves to be challenging (mainly the time differences) overall I am very pleased with our groups success, and our ability to interact with one another without problem or discretion. Our methods of communication include Facebook, Skype and Google+

Personally I enjoy having Facebook as a medium of communication because the pictures allow us to personalize our relationship a little more with our group members. I enjoy this project because it helps us to realize that there are many different ways of thinking, and even further there are different ways to solve problems, and by working with people who have a totally different lifestyle than someone like myself it gives me the opportunity to look at situations in a different perspective.

Overall, I hope to learn something from my peers as we dive into the X-culture project.

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