X-Culture Project: Getting Prepared

Guest Blogger: Robert Schmidt


This X Culture project has been an eye opening experience this semester. It has been a great learning experience. By participating in this, we are able to interact with other classmates from around the world with different cultures. It has been tough dealing with the language barriers but my group has been able to make it work. We have set up a Google doc so everyone can add onto it when they have completed their parts. It has been very interesting just getting to know these people and see how their schooling is compared to ours in the U.S. It has been tough because not everyone in the group speaks fluent English. Dealing with e-mails back and forth is sometimes frustrating but it is a great learning experience.

I am really grateful I got this opportunity to participate in this project because we all are dealing with problems that we will experience in an everyday working job. This will help us get ready for the real world and dealing with other cultures. All companies are going international now and this project will get us a step ahead of the competition. I look forward to seeing what we can complete as a group dealing with all of these cultures but I believe we will be able to prosper.


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