X-Culture Project: Getting Started

Guest Blogger: Simon Cummings, Business Administration – Management

India, Korea, Turkey, NJ, NC, and FL make up the team I’m on. This is experience is going to be fun I believe. Working with people all over the world to complete a project is going to have its difficulties. Some difficulties are different languages, different time zones and different personalities. I accept this challenge and hope my teams do too so we can produce a project we are all proud of.

The process hasn’t been too bad for me. All of my teammate speaks somewhat type of English. They answer emails on a timely manner and everyone seems to be interested in this project. We had to take two surveys and pre-test to start. I have completed those already. Also we were supposed to get in contact with each of our teammates and introduce ourselves, which I already completed. One of my teammates took the initiative to make a WIKI so we can communicate on their easier.

This has been a smooth process and I hope it continues this way

This is Simon Cummings and this is my BLOG about the X-Culture Project.

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