X-Culture Project: Halfway There

Desi Outerbridge

Guest Blogger: Desi Outerbridge

In the beginning I was a bit hesitant about the X-Culture Project; however, it has turned out to be a really good experience. I am certain I was not the only one in my group that was a bit hesitant, but we came together and established a common goal. My group is halfway through the project with little disagreements or issues. My group members are studying in the United States, India, Turkey, Slovakia, Korea and Malaysia.

Communication has played a big part in our success of working together as a group. As soon as we found out who our group members were we set up a Facebook group to communicate and put forward ideas. To my surprise, everything has been working out quite well. The only issue that seems to hamper the speed at which we work is the time difference between each country.

Overall, I am enjoying working together with my group members and look forward to completing this project. I think all business students at Florida Tech should be given an opportunity to experience the X-Culture Project.


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