X-Culture Project: In the End…

Guest Blogger: Simon Cummings

This is my second and last blog. This project has aged me dramatically lol. All these deadlines plus work from other class has piled up. But with all these negatives they are definitely some positives. I have met some hard working people from all over the world. As a team we came together and brainstormed a great idea. Our invention was to incorporate android into the Toyota’s “infotainment”. We felt like android is a popular system that would help Toyota increase their bottom line profit.

From this X-Culture project I have learned how to communicate with a language barrier. Also, I have become more patient while working with others. This project has helped me mature in many different ways. X-Culture will always be a project that I will remember for good and bad reasons. After submitting our project we as a group felt like the hard work and stress was all worth it.


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