X-Culture Project: Mixed Emotions

Guest Blogger: DeMario Robinson

DeMario Robinson




This X- Culture project was very challenging at times. The amount of research and time you had to spend doing this project was sort of annoying at times. Also the amount of different attitudes and cultures we had to deal with was hard at times also. Overall the project did help out a lot. The main lesson I will take away from this project is patience.





Guest Blogger:  Desi Outerbridge

Desi Outerbridge

Overall, I think my X-Culture Group did exceptionally and put together a quality project. It took my group down to the second last day to complete the whole thing, but we managed to pull it off. I am delighted that I was able to experience the X-Culture Project. This was a very good experience and one that will likely end up on my resume. The whole program is a great insight to what the future holds for business students because at some point in our careers we will likely experience this kind project or teamwork in the workplace.


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