X-Culture Project: Reflection

As the X-Culture Project comes to a close, students in Tim Muth’s International Business course reflect on their experiences:

Guest Blogger: Samah Alrashdi

Samah Alrashdi

The X Culture Project was a very unique experience. Working with other students from all over the world from different cultures is not an opportunity that a student often receives. I had a wonderful group that all worked hard and took the project seriously. Our idea for the proposal was one that interested all of us and we were all quite enthusiastic about it. We chose Apple, Inc as our multi-national company and recommended a gaming system we call the iGame. We all collaborated and got ideas from one another and gave each other useful suggestions so that when the time came to actually begin writing the proposal, we all felt prepared. We had great communication with one another through a group we established on Facebook. No other form of communication was necessary because this worked well for us all being that we are in different time zones. Once we were ready to begin writing, we created a Googledoc and everyone posted their sections to it. We all helped each other with editing and I’m very proud of our final proposal! This experience was great and I hope to see future students participating in the X Culture Project.

Guest Blogger:  Kraig Clabough

Kriag Clabough

Hello from X- Culture Land!!!! This is Kraig Clabough signing in for my last time. We are currently finishing up our proposal project for Scion and Toyota Car Company. I finished my part of the project, which consisted of the product description, target market, and consumer segment. Unfortunately, I had the most work in the group; however, with hard work I was able to finish it on time. I really did not enjoy this experience maybe due to the fact that I had a lot on my plate this semester. But in the end, our team finished the paper and we can claim our project a success!! Once again this is Kraig Clabough signing out from X- Culture.


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