X-Culture: So Far So Good

Guest Blogger: Keven Lohr, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

My name is Keven Lohr, I am a junior and my major is Business Administration. The X-Culture Project is so-far so-good. With the exception of the last minute drop-out of a Malaysian teammate, everyone is actively participating. As a group we have decided to go with a plan to put a Victoria’s Secret store in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Each team member has a particular part with a particular deadline. Every few days we come together on our Facebook page to talk about the research we’ve collected. We all decided it was important to stay on track and not wait until the last minute. I’m also learning a lot about international work ethics, some cultures are slower than others. But, all in all everything is going great.

Clay Myers

Guest Blogger: Clay Myers, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Its a few weeks into the project now and everything has been goin pretty good. Everyone has been getting all their parts done and communicating really well. I was surprised by how hard working and nice every person in my group is. This project has been very eye opening for me and I’ve actually enjoyed doing it. If the rest of the project continues to go as smoothly as it has gone so far than our final paper should be really good.

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