X-Culture Project: Sorting it All Out

Guest Blogger: John Vetter, Business Administration major

Going into the X culture project I just like most of my classmates expected there to be some issues. I have had discussions with all but one of my teammates. The good news is that she has been in contact with others in the group, so we do not have a “ghost teammate.” All of my team members write and speak proficient english which makes group calls, emails, and facebook post a lot easier.

Figuring out a time we could all meet was actually pretty simple. We have decided that we will operate off the Greenwich mean time (GMT). Two of us conduct calls when it is our mornning time and the other four make the conference call when it is evening/ night time. No one member has to stay up to an unreasonable time and no member has to wake up at an unreasonable time.

For the past week we have been trying to figure out our business proposal. No one can seem to make up their mind on which one they would like to do. That was until this morning one of my group members put up a great idea and I supported with some follow up information, we have all but one person on board for the idea. Majority may have to rule on this part and drive on with the mission.

My team members are from New Jersey, India, Slavakia, Korea, and Turkey. From looking at Facebook we all live very different lives it should be a great learning experience for all.



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