X-Culture Project: Think Global

Guest Blogger: Joseph Kozlowski

Since the beginning of March, I, Joseph Kozlowski, as well as over a thousand other students from countries all over the world, have been participating in the X-Culture project. I had the pleasure of working with people from Asia and South America in the project. Our project idea was to have McDonalds serve a new menu involving genuine healthy food to Americans and provide evidence to their product helping promote an active lifestyle. We were able to put together a report on time and our conclusion is that this venture would be very profitable for the company and after some initial testing, could have very positive feedback from the public.

Our group, like anyone else in the project will say, had many issues. The more prominent was the initial team assignments. Two members did not participate in the project at all, but everyone else did a fantastic job. There was a slight mix-up in the final report of the project, but nothing some initiative from fellow teammates could not fix. Overall I thought the X-Culture project was a useful experience, and though I feel some adjustments need to be made on the technical side, this project is a great way to get someone to think globally.


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