X-Culture Project: Very Real World In Nature

Guest Blogger: Bonnie Crowe

As the deadline to complete the project approached my teammates and I worked hard to pull together the ideas we wanted to express in the final paper.

It occurred to me that although we were in different parts

Bonnie Crowe

of the world we had been exposed to many of the same business concepts. My group was able to show their knowledge of SWOT, Ansoff and Porter’s five forces and the overall goal of improving the public image of our chosen company (McDonalds).

While my group members were aware of the steps of strategic planning, they were unable to adapt and implement those concepts into a real world proposal.

Working with a team of dedicated individuals left me in a dilemma.

Do I use their input, though off topic and often generic or do I pick and choose what to use and risk hurt feelings for the betterment of the project?

I would imagine this issue is very real world in nature and I will likely encounter it again in the future. Knowing how to handle these issues will be important when collaborating with others.

So I had to ask myself. . .What would Steve Jobs do? Then I had my answer.


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