X-Culture Project: Cultural Diversity

Guest Blogger: Maduka Ulu

Hi, my name is Maduka  and I am Information Systems major at Florida tech. I am originally from  Nigeria in West Africa; this semester I am taking a class with Mr.Muth on International business. This course has given me the opportunity to be invloved in a nationwide project called X-Culture . I am working with students from Turkey, Korea, India and the United States It is an opportunity for me to experience a whole different level of cultural diversity in decision making. Thanks to my college where there are lots of students from different parts of the world, I believe this will give me a leverage in understanding the global community. Currently we are making decisions on which company we want to work on. This is quite an experience! I know I am going to learn a lot of from my teammates.

GO TEAM 68!!!


Maduka Ulu, Information Systems


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