X-Culture: Responsibility

Guest Blogger: Zhiyun Wang, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

This is a real international team work for a project. We discuss about the project almost every day on the Facebook. As for the project, we did a lot research about the company and the new market and share the information on the Facebook. We allocate assignments based on the report guideline. We have total 12 points for the report and each team member takes two or three points. We have allocated the assignment fairly for each team member.

However, one team member does not do what he should finish and other team members need to take care of his part one day before the deadline. He does not reply email and participate our discussion I think it is very bad. Everyone is busy. If one of six members cannot finish his assignment and does not even reply any e-mail, it will influence the whole team. This international team is facing many challenges and this biggest problem. I think is that we are in different places and time zone. We cannot communicate the project face to face or even hard to get all members together at the same time to discuss the project online. The most important characteristic for a team to solve these problems is responsibility. I think every team member does his or her assignment on time is the only way to solve these problems. Finally, we finished our draft report and working on the final report.


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