X-Culture: Sense of Achievement

Guest Blogger: Chongwen Bi, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Now the project is nearly completed which I even have not realized. This is because I got excellent partners and it’s delighting to work with them. We chose the Innocent drinks and Finland to be the new market and they may be the things that I’m most unfamiliar with. Luckily, my partners did not leave me alone. We got in touch almost everyday on Facebook. They sent me some tremendously important information and these really helped me a lot. Though the work occupied me more time than I thought, including my precious holiday time, I got a sense of achievement which is much more precious than my holiday time.


After we submitted our draft, we found there were still some parts we should improve, in terms of formal writing, no contractions, some parts being disjointed and so on. What’s the most luckiest thing is that there is no one who escapes. We are still a team and everyone is positive to make it better. I believe we will get a satisfying grade finally.


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