X-Culture: Smooth Sailing

Guest Blogger: Shannon Sullivan

Before starting X-Culture, I was pretty nervous about how it was going to go. With my luck, I figured I would wind up with a group of slackers and would wind up having to do everything on my own. If that did not wind up being a problem, I figured that either time zones or language barriers would get in the way of effective communication. I am so relieved to say that none of that was the case! Looking back, I really do not have any real complaints about my X-Culture project or team. We had a few people that either dropped the class or just decided not to do anything, but thankfully the rest of the group picked up the slack, and we created a paper that we are all proud of, all with a minimum amount of stress.

As team leader, my job could not have been any easier. Everyone was quick to respond and offer their help with anything. Everyone’s work was top notch and was all done well before the deadline. Strangely enough, this was actually the easiest group project I have ever done, and it is no doubt because of the great cooperation of my teammates.

I am even more grateful for my team, considering I know that some other groups wound up having issues. I am happy that we were able to avoid all of that.

Even though I was hesitant at the start, I am thankful that I took part in the project because I will more than likely have to work with worldwide virtual teams many times throughout my career, so I am glad that I have some experience under my belt and know that I can successfully tackle such a project without being intimidated.

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