X-Culture: So Far So Good

Guest Blogger: Zhiyun Wang, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

This is an amazing project with all team members come from different places in the world. Before receiving E-mails from all team members, I cannot image how this project will work. We get six team members so far. They are from Ghana, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Barbados, and Japan. I think it will be a huge challenge for us to organize this team because we are in different time zones and have different schedules. Usually, a team meeting will meet all team members face to face, but we can only “meet” through Facebook.

I think this experience is wonderful. We are all discussing the project through Facebook now. Even though we cannot communicate with each other immediately, we will write a comments or suggestions on other team member’s idea. Every team member can read all discussions anytime. Most of our teammates will check Facebook every day. I think team member’s sense of responsibility is the most important factor for making this project successful


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