X-Culture: Staying in Contact

Guest Blogger: Miao Zhang

After almost 3 months teamwork, we finally finished this whole project, this is really an unforgettable experience, 6 people from different country have different culture background get together though internet to deal with one project. I’m very fortunate because all my team members all participate in our work, everybody has a very positive attitude because we all have this confidence that we could do this project very well.

Before we post our final work we have this emergency situation that we found a relative high percentage of our work are copy and paste from internet, I remember it’s a Thursday evening, and the due day is Friday midnight, everyone join in the work to re-edit our paper work, each of us all sacrificed sleep time to finish it, it’s the team spirit, and after re-write ourselves part we helped each other, I really appreciate that.

After this teamwork we are like brothers and sisters in different countries, we didn’t lose contact, I’m so glad that x-culture help me to make those friends.

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