X-Culture: Support is Key

Guest Blogger: Daniela Martinez, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The X-Culture project is now almost two-thirds done and our draft reports are due in a couple of days. Most of the teams that my classmates and I are in have decided to divide the work equally. Each person is responsible for their own section and one person will be putting it all together and submitting it.


I can say that my team is organized and we agree easily. We do not have difficulty expressing our thoughts and contributing to each others ideas. Out of the 7 teammates only 6 have been fully participating, so we still have that one teammate that we have not heard of since the first e-mail we all exchanged in the first two days we were assigned our groups.


As of now we have established one video chat session and will probably make use of it again in the next days. I find it very interesting that we all make an effort to contribute with each other although we are in very different time zones and do not know as much about our lifestyles as we would now about a classmate’s. I have confidence as a team will accomplish our tasks in due time and that this experience is still exciting if you can count on your teammates support.


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