X-Culture: Taking an Interest

Guest Blogger: Matic Leskovar, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Hi my name is Matic Leskovar and I am working in a group of six people for the Florida Institute of Technology in The X-Culture  Project. I am a tennis player and an athlete at Florida Tech. I love this project because we can interact with different people and get to know different cultures from around the world. My tennis teammates are from all over the world: Ghana, Barbados, England, Columbia. It is very interesting to spend time with them. My favorite part is learning about where everyone lives when we first meet, mostly because you can hear people with different accents. Before we even met in person our team already met on GooglePlus through a conference. We were talking about Culture X project and what team is we supposed to choose. People had a lot of ideas but at the we chose Starbucks. We haven’t decided who has to do what work but we got a global idea about it. I am really glad that I get to know my new friends, their way of life and who they are. This project is giving me an inspiration to try hard on all of the aspects of this project. I think that working I such of projects takes a lot of time from a person, but it is a necessary evil to be successful. The project is a perfect way to gain that experience for the future, but as of right now everything has been good and no problems have occurred. The only thing that I am scared of is the different time zones. Sometimes I would have time to meat online at 6 pm, but in other countries is being too late too meet. We will have to overcome those barriers to be successful in the project. The one way to solve the problems that occur with connecting with each other is to use Skype, Google+ and most common Facebook. I think that my group is really interesting at our analysis and our project. Even though there are several different people with different backgrounds, I think we will succeed and make our professors proud. We are doing everything on time, even though the project just started.

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