X-Culture: The Dream Team

Guest Blogger: Michael Volanti, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business and ROTC Cadet

It seems like yesterday I was in my International Business Class discussing how I was the only person doing any work, and I was determined to find my teammate’s professor’s names and emails. The reason for doing so was to inform my teammate’s professor I would like to hold a cyber-board room, state the evidence of why I felt the teammate needed to be removed from our team. Around week two, I created folders of each teammate’s contributions or lack thereof, so I could use them in the cyber boardroom if necessary. The teammate would be able to defend himself, but given the fact I have every piece of evidence, I did not see how he or she would win. Most importantly I was hoping to do my very best Donald Trump impression, and say you are FIRED! I think it seemed a little more exciting in my head.

Nevertheless, I was animate about communication and how we were failing as a group, and it is was just as much my fault as Timmy Muth from Congo. Going back to the group theme. I do not know if it was my motivational emails or fear of the cyber-board room. Everyone emailed me back with inspirational words. Now just as fate would have it, I could feel the International X-Culture Dream Team coming together, until I suffered a serious arm injury, which left me unable to type for few days. I let the group know by typing an email using the one finger method, and what we needed to accomplish by the next due date. I went to the doctors and informed it was going to be a while until I could even get an appointment see an Army doctor. (a while meaning 3 weeks)

I returned from the Emergency Room last Sunday, and to my astonishment two of the team members had taken charge and assigned each of us a different task in order to complete the draft. I was absolutely thrilled, and then it dawned on me that I might going to the cyber-board room! Did my team accept me as their leader and due to inability to communicate, finally decided work as one team as I had stated from day one? I did not care, but teamwork had arrived. There never was supposed to be a leader, I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to give suggestions. To pick our company, on Facebook a team member listed our final two choices, and the one with the most votes is how we decided to us.

Since my injury, I have really stepped back from the aggressive leadership style I felt was needed in the beginning. I make comments and suggestions, for example, everyone should have the draft done by Wednesday. We are only halfway through and what a difference a few weeks makes, unfortunately it does not look Team 8 will be having any cyber board rooms!



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