X-Culture: The End In Sight

Guest Blogger: Shannon Sullivan

The end is in sight for the X-Culture project, and I must say, I am happy for it. Although a few of the members of my group have not been cooperative or really done anything at all, I lucked out in that I was paired up with a few other dedicated people. The other members not working certainly is frustrating, seeing as that means more work for the rest of us, but, to be honest, I would rather they have not done anything all along than have them be in communication the whole time, only to have them go MIA during these crucial last two weeks. Even though the project has been relatively smooth sailing thus far, I will be happy to have the weight off my shoulders.

As self-appointed leader of the group, I will be the one to compile everyone’s work, assure everything is sourced correctly, and turn it in. I like to be in control of things, so if there are errors, I would rather be the one to find them than to trust someone else half a world away to do so, even though I am sure the other hard working members of the group would have no problem with it. At this point, I am just crossing my fingers that everyone does their jobs to the best of their abilities so that I do not have to crack down on them, although I would have no issue doing that.

As much as this project has been frustrating at times, due to some of my team, I know that I am getting a little glimpse into what I may wind up dealing with on a daily basis in an office setting, although I do hope someone’s salary being on the line would cause them to be more dedicated. I won’t hold my breath for that, though.

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