X-Culture: The Unusual Experience

Launched in 2010, X-Culture is a large-scale international experiential learning project administered by X-Culture, Inc. in collaboration with over 150 universities around the world.

About 5,000 students from 150 universities in 40 countries on six continents participate in X-Culture every semester. The students are placed in global virtual teams consisting of approximately six students, each from a different country.

About a dozen multi-national corporations team up with X-Culture students and present their challenges. Working in global virtual teams during the semester, the students develop their solutions to the international business challenges presented by their corporate partners. In doing so, the students experience first-hand their difficulties and learn best practices of international collaboration, while developing business plan development skills.

“The X-culture projects are vital tools for the students to build their career plan and help them to understand the global business environment and nurture skills useful in interviews. The X-Culture teams are effective in planning and executing a business solution in an professional and dynamic manner.”

Professor Tim Muth, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business

The ambassadors and coaches of the symposium educate students on how X-culture will enhance their education and teach them about culture management in a global environment. The undergraduate and master’s program students are strongly encouraged to participate in the symposium and learn about various business solutions.

X-Culture has also started a kids’ symposium, formed by various schools to nourish students’ skills in a professional manner. In addition, the sponsors are available to help to continue symposiums in different schools.

Culture management depicts how businesses settle in an international marketplace. The workplace from one country to another identifies how culture, values, and norms are different. The learning aspects perceived by diversity management is to ensure equality of employees at the workplace.

The role of X-Culture is to build virtual teams in order to succeed in this global phenomenon. The X-culture symposium is conducted every year, with a goal to add real international business practices into consulting projects.

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