X-Culture: Time Flies

Guest Blogger: Zihao Qi, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

Time flies, it is mid-March now. My team and I have almost completed the work of the X-culture. We established a group on facebook, and all team members are in the group, so we usually communicate with facebook. We have a team leader, she usually asks the progress of our work, and will publish some useful information. When there is a new task, the team leader will also upload files to let us view and pick what we want to do. When we have completed a number of tasks, we used facebook to upload individual achievements, then head of the checked one by one. Then tell us where they need to improve, and the final results submitted.

The company we chose is Nestle, This is a company with a long history, and is headquartered in Switzerland. Nestle’s business throughout the world, while we focus on description of its next product – Milo, the development in the Philippines. Through analysis of the Philippine market, and how to sell our product.


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