X-Culture: Tough Decisions

Guest Blogger: Vandana Daryanani, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


It’s been more than a month since we have started working on the X- Culture Project, and it has been a roller-costar ride. Sometime things are great everyone is responding, giving their best and things are going pretty smooth but then there are times when people don’t respond and things get a little ugly. In my group I was the one who took the responsibility of merging everyone’s part and coming up with a final draft and what I found was that students from different countries had produced different quality/ level papers. While some students did an excellent job: high quality paper in depth research, others sent me really low quality papers. However, in this case the most difficult thing to decide is what do you do when the person who produced the low quality paper refuses to fix it? Do you go and redo the part on their behalf because if you do it, it’s going to be a time consuming process and if you don’t redo it the entire group has to suffer.

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