X-Culture: Unique and Challenging

Guest Blogger: Brooke Smith

The X-Culture project was an overall unique and challenging experience. Not only is doing group work a challenge but when your group is located all over the world, things get a lot more interesting. I had several expectations for this project and was glad to be a part of it. I learned a lot about myself, other cultures, and new ways to communicate with group members.

After meeting my team (#11), I quickly learned my five teammates and we began the process of introducing ourselves and finding good means of communication.  My teammates were from Mexico, Thailand, India, and the United States. In the beginning the whole group contacted each other and participated for the most part.  We all decided to use WhatsApp as our main source of communication; along with that we used Google docs, email, and Skype.  The main challenge we faced with reaching each other is the large time differences. We quickly learned to make sure we communicated a few days before things were due.

The company we selected was Innospark out of Lithuania.  We created a new product for the company which was an improvement of the light table they already produced. We chose to develop a light table tablet. It is a smaller version of the table with a removable touchscreen tablet. This can make it easier to travel with and can allow children to play educational games while their parents keep track of their progress. Once the product is developed we picked to to expand Innosparks market into Germany through a joint venture. They have a stable economy and will be able to market and sell our product well and run our store front location.

The project went smoothly overall. We ran into a few problems along the way but nothing to crazy. We got all our assignments turned in on time and then started preparing for the final draft of the report. We split up the section of the paper among the group and worked on it through Google docs. Everyone’s part turned out great except the student from India waited till the night before the paper was due to tell us he had a personal tragedy and couldn’t do his part. We ended up taking care of it and getting it all done and turned in on time.

I thought the project was a good learning experience overall. If I could do it again I would probably get to know my teammates better and try to communicate more often. Also try to start the final report earlier. Other than a few little things the project went well and I would consider doing it again.

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