X-Culture: Valuable Insight

Guest Blogger: Brock Bontrager, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

As week three of The X-Culture Project begins I am starting to realize the positives and negatives of this experience. I have met my teammates and established a line of communication via Facebook. Each team member speaks English, is in their third or fourth year in college and has traveled beyond their country’s boarder. But as predicted not each team member communicates as needed to finish the goals when necessary. A student who is a native Singaporean, who is currently studying at London School of Economics, has established herself as the team leader. And as she suggested: EAT, an Asian fast food chain is our corporation of choice. With a diverse and flexible line of products, EAT is primed for success in the global markets.


I am looking forward to working with my team and developing this X-Culture project. And since I have aspirations of traveling abroad as a young entrepreneur this experience should give me a little insight into what I should expect.

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