X-Culture: Wavering Thoughts to a Great Beginning

Guest Blogger: Chelsea Belfer, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

The first few weeks of X Culture have been a little hectic, with trying to sort out teams and gathering contact information, as well as finding the best way for all of us to communicate. So far we have found that Facebook has been the easiest because it is something that everyone uses frequently. Our group has now finalized on a company which took a little effort for everyone to agree upon. Now that we know the company and the market in which we are expanding to I think it will be easier for everyone to gather ideas and information. The other students in my group seem very excited about the project so hopefully everything runs smoothly!

Benjamin Thomas

Guest Blogger: Benjamin Thomas, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

When I first heard about X-Culture last semester, I had not heard really anything good about it and was not expecting good things myself. I tried to go into it with an open mind, after hearing Mr.Muth and Ms.Eisenberg explaining how it would be going I became more confident. Then we got our first Survey and after reading the packet, and seeing the structure of how each week we are responsible for some part of the project. This will help keep us on track, and I started to feel a lot more comfortable. Once receiving our team members we all got an on an email chain and started talking. We got to know each other a little more by telling each other about our lives and backgrounds. We then started talking about which companies to chose, with little issue we have chosen our company and are off to a great start! I have a much more improved impression of this X-Culture project and can’t see where it takes our group!


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