X-Culture: What a Great Experience it Was

Guest Blogger: Jessica Mellinger, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student

With the X-Culture coming to a close it gives me a chance to take a breather, look back and realize what a great experience it was. I really enjoyed collaborating with everyone, and believe it is a great experience for future work. Many of my friends do not attend Universities with as much cultural diversity as Florida Tech, so this is just an added bonus. It really gives you a look into what life will be like when you graduate and are working with people from around the world. One of the most challenging things had to be communicating with people who spoke other languages besides english as their first language. This resulted in a few communication problems but it worked out in the end. When it came down to it two people were the main source of communication, with two others putting in their two sense here and there, and one kid hardly ever responding. The one person who hardly responded had some problems with plagiarism but in the end, when we submitted our final draft, everything worked out. I think our final report turned out really well given the communication barriers, and I look forward to seeing our final grade.

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