X-Culture: Where did the time go?


Guest Blogger: Yuxi Hu, Nathan M. Bisk College of Business student


Time goes fast and within February my team has almost finished our research. My team usually to use Facebook and set up a group in it to contact with each other so that everyone can see the message anytime. We choose “Ung Omsorg” for our project and the company is in Sweden. It is about hiring young people to help the elderly at very efficient cost. And our target market is UK. Although it is a small company, many people never heard it before and it is not an international company, it has great cultural and social value.


Our division is clear-out, each one being charged with specific responsibilities. Of course, we also discuss and share lots of information. I think we are really efficient because everyone participants actively got involved in our project and we always completed our work ahead of time. Also, we can overcome our communication barriers. So far I am satisfied with our progress and I derive more pleasure even though it means a lot of hard work.


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