X-Culture: Winding Down

Guest Blogger: Steve Scott

The end is near. The X-Culture project comes to an end next week. I would like to say that this project opened my eyes to new cultures and new friends. Unfortunately, I cannot make that statement. My X-Culture experience was more of an American Culture experience. Only one of my international group members participated. And I use the word participated loosely. The high level of interest I had towards the X-Culture project in the beginning started to wane half way through. And now that the end is near, this project has become uninteresting, and dare I say, just another school project. I am a little disappointed because I truly was ready to meet with and work with the international students that were assigned to my group. Oh well.

On the other hand, the two students that participated in this project with me were a pleasure to work with. They approached the X-Culture project in a professional and intelligent manner. They both have a good head on their shoulders and I am sure they will be successful in this crazy game of life.

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