X-Culture: That’s A Wrap

Guest Blogger: Robert Gilbreth

Now that X-Culture is over I’m left with a sense of relief that I no longer have to fit in another commitment into my busy life.  My sentiments are bitter sweet now that my time with the X-Culture project has come to an end.    At this point I cannot really put a finger on whether or not X-Culture was a positive or negative experience, instead my impression remains indifferent.  Surely I learned a lot about having to deal with an international team and the challenges that one is faced when collaborating and working internationally but, the question is, are my experiences from the X-Culture project applicable to the business world?  While there are certainly some similarities between the X-Culture project and the business world, X-Culture fundamentally lacks some of the biggest factors that drive business: income and accountability.  In short, it is very difficult to encourage a group of people, regardless of their backgrounds, to work towards a common goal without incentives that their livelihoods depend on.  Overall, I had the sense that X-Culture was just another check the box activity for many group members and their level of participation and quality of work seemed to mirror this.  If I were asked whether or not I would participate in X-Culture again I would have to pass.  I believe I would have gotten a better and well rounded experience drafting an international business plan and entry strategy had I done a project by myself, instead of me completing just two sections in a poorly orchestrated group collaboration.

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